As a member of Christian Homeschools of Stillwater (CHS), you are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities afforded you. Our “pick and choose” policy allows you to participate in only the events that will be beneficial to you and your family.
We encourage members to arrive a half-hour early for the support group meetings, which are held at 7:15 PM on the 4th Tuesday of every month. By arriving early, you have time to visit the Resource Library, sign up for upcoming events, and fellowship with other members. Please note: Support Group meetings are held each month from August through May with the exception of December.
CHS is a success because of the willingness of its members to serve one another. The Ministry of Helps lists the many opportunities for members to reach out to one another, serving in Christian love. Some ministries require a large commitment on the part of our members, while other opportunities are less demanding. We understand people will have different levels of commitment; however, our request is that some effort be made on each member’s part to serve the group. This could mean spear-heading a ministry, assisting someone in a ministry, organizing an event, or bringing a treat to the monthly meeting. Please demonstrate ownership to this group by serving in some capacity. If this is not possible, the CHS Board has offered an alternative to serving the support group during the school year. It is called, “Buy-out Membership”. It is not our desire to require anyone to serve who does not wish to serve in the group. “Buy-out Membership” fees are higher than those paid by members who are willing to serve the group in order that those who serve be given a benefit for their participation. First year members and first year home educators are excused from serving to allow time to adjust to homeschooling and to be served and supported in their new endeavor. In addition, there may also be some who have extreme circumstances which may allow them to be excused from serving. (Please contact Natalie Johnston, the group’s leader, if you feel you are in this kind of situation.) However, we strongly encourage you to participate—both to give you a sense of fellowship and support within our group as well as give you the opportunity to meet one another in a less formal setting.
If you choose to join and pay by August 31, the dues will be $40 per family. If you pay after August 31,  the fee will be $50. If you are a second year member and choose not to participate in the Ministry of Helps during the course of the year (this would be a “Buy-out Membership”), the fee will be $75.
The CHS E-Group is an excellent source of information. Reminders of events and meetings are sent via e-mail to group members. There is an opportunity to ask questions, give and receive encouragement, share tips and information, as well as to buy and sell curriculum.
If you have anything you would like to offer the members of CHS (i.e. handouts, pamphlets, class opportunities, field trips, sign-up sheets, items for sale, etc.) or if you have something you would like to include on the monthly meeting “announcements” sheet, please contact Lynn Kern ( by noon the day before the meeting. If you have any questions about Christian Homeschools of Stillwater, contact Elisabeth Vork -

Membership Application
The form that is used to join Christian Homeschools of Stillwater. It, along with the completed liability form and a check made to CHS, needs to be mailed to CHS, P.O. Box 2085, Stillwater, MN 55082 to become a member of Christian Homeschools of Stillwater.